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Monday, June 15, 2009

Press Statement 15th June 2009

PKR endorses the Selangor Government’s setting up of an Audit Committee to monitor waste management contract

Parti Keadilan Rakyat endorses the Selangor government’s effort to set up an audit committee to monitor the implementation of waste management contracts and steps taken towards a more transparent and accountable tender system for future contracts.
However, Keadilan is also mindful that over the years, contracts have been monopolized by a handful of UMNO-BN linked class F contractors.
In order to redress the past gross imbalance, Pakatan Rakyat have called for any contractors irrespective of party affiliation, including those who have previously been denied access due to the monopolistic direct appointment system, to apply for these contracts.
Therefore any contractors can put forward their applications through the various channels including the offices of Pakatan Rakyat, MPs and Aduns.
No contractors will be required to make any form of payment either at this point or any point thereafter for the purpose of forwarding such applications.Only contractors who are qualified, competent and genuine operators can apply and certainly not broking agents or shell companies. This move should not be perceived as condoning corrupt practices as it merely seeks to affirmatively restore the contract awarding system to a more level playing field by allowing better access to more and varied contractors.
Note however that any Pakatan Rakyat recommendations are still subject to the final decision making of Alam Flora due to the nature of the current contracts between Alam Flora and the Local Councils.
This process is transitional in nature and ultimately, the aim is to set up a fully transparent, accountable and merit-based process, in the future.KEADILAN reiterates its commitment to combat corruption and corrupt practices.

Vice President Parti Keadilan Rakyat
Member of Parliament, Subang

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