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Friday, June 19, 2009

International Entertainment Zone

Plans afoot to declare Bdr Utama area International Entertainment Zone

RESIDENTS of Bandar Utama are concerned about the impact on traffic and environment should the housing estate’s commercial area be declared an International Entertainment Zone.
During a meeting with Subang MP R. Sivarasa on Sunday at the BU3 Community Hall, residents said while the move proposed by the developer might stimulate foreign investment to counter the current economic slowdown, it would also worsen the area’s traffic congestion.

“Traffic congestion is becoming more serious especially after the link connecting Bandar Utama and Kota Damansara was opened recently. It will be a real problem to have an International Entertainment Zone here without the presence of a proper traffic dispersal system,” said resident Lai Wing Fatt from BU3.

“Since the link was opened, residents have to leave home an hour earlier than before to reach their work place on time,” he said, adding that they were also worried about the extended business hours that would affect the living quality in the area.

He said residents were earlier invited by the developer, Bandar Utama Development Sdn Bhd, to a briefing where they were told that the company had urged the state to declare the housing estate’s commercial area popularised by 1 Utama shopping centre as an International Entertainment Zone.

In line with that, the developer had also laid out a series of expansion including creating another 1,000 underground parking bays, he said.

He added that Jalan Dataran Bandar Utama was always congested during peak hours as the road was also used by parents sending their children to a school here that had 2,300 pupils.

Other residents suggested installing traffic lights and drawing yellow boxes among other measures to alleviate the problem. They also said the current traffic dispersal system facilitated shoppers and traders but had neglected residents.

Many also complained that the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) had not attended to their simple requests such as cleaning drains, adding street lights and building road humps promptly.
The accident-prone tunnel to access and exit Mutiara Damansara from the LDP and the status of the orang asli residing in the Desa Temuan apartments who have yet to receive strata titles were among the matters brought up.

Sivarasa will be meeting his constituents in a series of 30 meetings; Bandar Utama was the third location while the next will be on June 20 at Bandar Sri Damansara and at Ara Damansara on June 21. note: (these two dialogue sessions have been postponed)

He said he would request for the developer and MBPJ to listen to the people’s views and act accordingly, while he would facilitate the meeting.

“Petaling Jaya needs a macro- traffic plan as it has been overdeveloped. Many more projects were approved previously and most of them are half built,” he said.

“We were also shocked to find out that the draft Petaling Jaya Local Plan 2 was put forward without proper study on the traffic impact and water run-off.

“We need to address ad hoc planning’ and that is why we make sure public hearings are held before new projects are approved,” he added.

He said the inadequate provision of non-Muslim cemetery, worship places as well as vernacular schools were among the major issues he was looking into.

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