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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CERAMAH PENERANGAN - Rabu 22hb Dis 2010

Ceramah Penerangan          Isu-isu Semasa         Anjuran PKR Cabang Subang

Tarikh: 22hb Disember 2010 (Rabu)    Masa: 9.00 malam

Tempat: Ruang Legar (Foyer) Dewan MBPJ,   Seksyen 7, Kota Damansara.

YB Sivarasa      YB Dr Nasir Hashim    YB Elizabeth Wong     Sdr  Yahya Shaari


Friday, December 17, 2010

PRESS STATEMENT re Suspension from Parliament

Suspensions violate the rule of law and threaten the integrity and dignity of Parliament

The suspensions of the Leader of the Opposition, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ( Member for Permatang Pauh, Karpal Singh ( Member for Bukit Gelugor ), Azmin Ali ( Member for Gombak ) and myself are a flagrant violation of the rule of law.

The nature of these suspensions cannot be seen merely as actions to prevent us as individual members of Parliament from attending Parliament. The complete lack of any basis for the suspensions and the manner they were done threaten fundamentals of Parliament conventions and freedom of speech in Parliament. These are threats to all Malaysians, not just to the four of us.

The issues relating to the suspension of Anwar Ibrahim have been fully canvassed in the Minority Report of the Committee of Privileges written by myself and Karpal Singh ( see http://sivarasa.blogspot.com/2010/12/minority-report-presented-by-yb-karpal.html).

The most outrageous aspect of our four suspensions is the insistence by the BN majority in Parliament to not even accord us the fundamental right to be heard in our defence. In the case of Anwar Ibrahim, as fully explained in the Minority Report, the Speaker himself had repeatedly assured the House on 22.4.10 when the motion to refer Anwar to the Committee of Privileges that a full hearing would be accorded with all parties and witnesses heard. The Committee proceeded on this basis for its 1st three meetings on 17.5.10, 8.6.10 and 9.6.10. No meetings were called for another 6 months and then suddenly at the 4th meeting on 3.12.10, the BN majority members voted to decide the matter without hearing Anwar or any witnesses saying it was sufficient to decided the matter by reference to a letter from APCO dated 19.8.10 and contents of Hansard. Karpal and then withdrew in protest from the proceedings after this decision.

The refusal to hear Anwar Ibrahim shows without doubt the inability and fear of the BN majority to confront the facts and evidence that would have been produced before them by him.

Karpal Azmin and I are now suspended for 6 months for allegedly mentioning “evidence taken before and documents produced to the Committee” outside the House ( for Karpal and me ) and in respect of Azmin, in his urgent motion under Standing Order 18(1) on 6.12.10.

The motion to suspend uses the word “menyentuh” or “mention”. This is not what is prohibited under Standing Order 85 which only prohibits “publishing” or “menyiarkan” the evidence taken before or documents presented to the Committee.

Karpal and I had a press conference together with Datuk Seri Anwar at Parti Keadilan’s Headquarters at 2.30 pm to explain to the media the reason for our withdrawal from the proceedings of the Committee. As far as I was concerned, we were duty bound as members of the Committee and Parliament to do so. It was a matter of public interest to inform the public of the grossly unfair decision that the Committee had just made that morning and to explain our withdrawal.

We did not distribute the letter from APCO to the press nor did we disclose the details of its contents. We had, of course, to mention the fact of the letter from APCO in order to explain the decision of the Committee not to hear Anwar. Mentioning the fact of the letter in that context cannot at all be a breach of Standing Order 85.

A clause in one sentence of the letter was mentioned where the writer of the letter Brad Staples, the CEO of APCO falsely claimed that “he was not permitted to testify”. This was clearly false that because at no time did the Committee tell him that he would not be heard. Mentioning only that clause was relevant to the issue of the gross unfairness of the Committee deciding to proceed on the basis of that letter without hearing Anwar.

Similarly Azmin did not publish the contents of the APCO letter at any time either in his urgent motion itself or the short debate in the House.

Standing Order 85 is very clear. It only means that members of the Committee or Parliament cannot disclose ”evidence” given by witnesses. That does not arise here because the Committee had not even started hearing witnesses. As stated above, the contents of the letter were never published.

Standing Order 85 cannot be used to muzzle members of the Committee or the House from speaking about grossly unfair decisions of the Committee which are obvious matters of public interest.

When the Committee decided to disallow Anwar the right to be represented by legal counsel on 8.6.10 and also refused members of Parliament the right to observe the committee proceedings as done in other Parliaments, we also communicated this to the media. The BN majority led by Minister Nazri seemed to have no issue about this at that time. Somehow the letter from APCO seems to be a much more prickly issue!

The suspension of the Leader of the Opposition is clearly intended to silence his voice in Parliament raising the concerns of the rakyat whilst denouncing the corruption and misdeeds of UMNO/BN. parties.

Azmin’s, Karpal’s and my suspensions are similarly intended but are also petty minded acts of reprisal inflicted to punish us for persistently highlighting the gross unfairness in the proceedings of the Privileges Committee.

Our suspensions will prevent us from attending Parliament for the next 6 months but will not prevent us from discharging our duties to our constituents and the people of Malaysia.

I reiterate – these suspensions are not just about removing us as 4 individual members of Parliament. They represent BN’s desperate attempt to prevent the emergence of truth in Parliament proceedings. They have severely damaged the dignity and integrity of Parliament as an institution.

We will continue to take the message of these and other injustices to the people of Malaysia.

Sivarasa Rasiah, Member of Parliament for Subang 17 December 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Minority Report presented by YB Karpal Singh and YB Sivarasa

Click on this link to read the full text of the report

English Version


Versi Bahasa Malaysia


A Black Day for the voters of SUBANG

YB SIVARASA telah dihalau keluar dewan parlimen semata-semata kerana mempertahankan hak uintuk bersuara bagi rakyat.
Beliau cuba membuat penjelasan dan meminta penjelasan daripada Yang Dipertua Speaker mengenai peraturan mesyuarat bersangkutan keputusan Speaker menolak Usul Tergempar yang dibawa beliau. Namun Speaker enggan memberi peluang kepada beliau untuk membuat demikian dan apabila YB Sivarasa cuba mempertahankan hak beliau sebagai Ahli Parlimen untuk bersuara, Speaker membuat keputusan untuk beliau digantung kehadiran dalam dewan selama sehari.


Ara Damansara Link and Jalan Tanjung Issue

Read more here:


WikiLEAKS - Sivarasa Submits Emergency Motion in Parliament

to watch the press conference:

”Najib Razak has his neck on the line in connection with a high-profile murder case”
”Najib’s political fortunes continue to be haunted by the ... murder scandal” 

Ini adalah antara dua petikan daripada WikiLeaks yang dilapurkan dalam akhbar Australia -  The Sydney Morning  Herald - yang menjadi asas bagi Isu Tergempar yang dipohon oleh YB Sivarasa.
14hb Disember 2010

YB Tan Sri Datuk Pandikar Amin Bin Haji Mulia
Yang di-Pertua Dewan Rakyat

Tan Sri Yang di-Pertua,


Merujuk kepada Peraturan Mesyuarat 18 (1) dan (2), dengan ini saya mohon mencadangkan supaya ditangguhkan Majlis Mesyuarat dengan tujuan merundingkan perkara tertentu berkenaan kepentingan orang ramai yang berkehendak disegerakan.

Saya , Sivarasa Rasiah [ Subang ] mohon mencadangkan:

”Bahawa Dewan Rakyat membincangkan kenyataan-kenyataan yang sangat serius yang dibuat oleh En Bilahari Kausikan dan Peter Ho ( pada masa itu pegawai-pegawai kanan di Kementerian Luar Negeri di Singapura ) yang dilaporkan di surat khabar Australia ”Sydney Morning Herald” baru-baru ini pada 12hb Disember 2010 yang berbunyi saperti berikut:
”A lack of competent leadership is a real problem in Malaysia, Mr Kausikan said,citing the need for Najib - now Malaysia’s Prime Minister – to ”prevail politically in order to avoid prosecution” in connection with a 2006 murder investigation linked to one of Razak’s aides
”Najib Razak has his neck on the line in connection with a high-profile murder case” Mr. Kausikan said.

”Najib’s political fortunes continue to be haunted by the ... murder scandal”

Yang Di-Pertua,
Pada 12hb Disember 2010, surat khabar Australia Sydney Morning Herald telah menerbitkan isu kandungan beberapa kabel-kabel sulit yang ditulis oleh pegawai kanan daripada State Department, Amerika Syarikat di 2008 dan 2009 yang dibocor kepada surat khabar tersebut secara eksklusif daripada laman web ”Wikileaks”. Kabel-kabel tersebut, antara lain, menerangkan kandongan perbualan diantara pegawai-pegawai Amerika Syarikat dan tiga pegawai kanan daripada Kementerian Luar Negeri Singapura bernama Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan dan Tommy Koh.
Antara kenyataan-kenyataan yang dilaporkan yang dibuat oleh Bilahari Kausikan dan Peter Ho adalah saperti yang disebut di atas.

Ada juga penerbitan di surat khabar tersebut yang berpunca daripada satu kabel pada November 2008 yang melapurkan perbualan di antara pegawai Amerika Syarikat dengan pegawai perisik Australia di mana pegawai Australia menceritakan pandangan pegawai perisik Singapura dan Menteri Kanan Lee Kuan Yew tentang tuduhan liwat terhadap Ketua Pembangkang Malaysia Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Kenyataan-kenyataan tersebut di atas oleh En Kausikan dan En Peter Ho dengan jelas membawa maksud bahawa kedua-dua pegawai kanan Singapura tersebut mempercayai bahawa Perdana Menteri Najib adalah terbabit dalam skandal pembunuhan Altantuya Shaaribuu. Impak yang sangat berat kepada imej Perdana Menteri dan Malaysia tidak dapat dinafikan.

Setakat sekarang, kabel-kabel tersebut tidak dapat dikesan di dalam koleksi kabel-kabel yang telah didedahkan kepada umum di laman ”Wikileaks”. Ini bermaksud rakyat Malaysia masih tidak boleh menilai kandongan kabel-kabel ini secara terus dan memutuskan asas laporan di Sydney Morning Herald.

Yang di Pertua
Oleh kerana tuduhan-tuduhan yang dibuat adalah sangat berat dan membangkitkan, pertamanya, perkaitan penglibatan Perdana Menteri dalam pembunuhan Altantuya dan, keduanya, kes liwat Ketua Pembangkang (kedua2nya pemimpin tertinggi negara), memang menjadi kepentingan negara untuk menghentikan perkara ini secepat mungkin dan mengelakkan spekulasi dengan mendapatkan kabel-kabel tersebut.

Saya berpendapat adalah wajar untuk Dewan yang Mulia ini membincangkan serta merta sama ada perlunya kita meminta jasa baik State Department Amerika Syarikat untuk mendedahkan semua kabel-kabel yang berkaitan Malaysia untuk tempoh berkenaan termasuk yang dipetik oleh Sydney Morning Herald.
Atas perkara yang tertentu ini yang melibatkan kepentingan rakyat umum yang perlu disegerakan, saya mohon usul ini dibincangkan.

Yang benar,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alarmed over 'extrajudicial killings' .

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian rights activists today demanded action over "horrifying" numbers of killings by police over the past decade, with the dead mostly Indonesians and ethnic Indians.

These are extrajudicial killings. The numbers are very significant. It is a major shock to us," R Sivarasa, a human rights lawyer and opposition lawmakers, told a press conference organised by leading rights group Suaram.

They cited police data produced during a recent trial that showed 279 alleged criminals were shot dead over a period of nine years from 2000. Nine people were killed by police in 2000 and the number surged to 88 in 2009.

"We are seeing a pervasive culture of impunity in the police force resulting in gross human rights violations. Those shot dead are called criminals," Sivarasa said.

He said that police typically defended their actions by stating that they tried to arrest the individuals but came under attack with machetes and that the suspect was shot dead in self-defence.

Of the 279 killed by police, 113 were Indonesian citizens, while 61 were ethnic Malaysian Indians and 42 were Malay Muslims – leading to charges that certain ethnic groups are particularly targeted.

A patrolman is currently on trial for the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old boy during a police car chase in April. Last month three youths aged 15 to 23 were shot dead following another car chase.

In all those cases police said they acted in self-defence.

N Surendran, an activist with Lawyers for Liberty, said police were too quick to open fire.

"There is a sense of shock and horror among the public. People are upset. Without a doubt the police force has members who are trigger-happy with a culture to shoot to kill," he told the press conference.

Surendran urged the government to intervene and "urgently put an end" to the deaths.

"We are shocked and horrified. The 279 deaths is an excessively high number," he said.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sivarasa Speaks for Justice

'Did my son beg for mercy before being shot?'Aidila Razak

Nov 29, 10

12:26pmShare 11There is nothing that she wants more than to see the person who killed her child be hauled up to court to face justice.

But for now, Norhafizah Mad Razali (left in pix) just cannot help thinking of her son's last moments before he was shot dead by police.

"I keep thinking what he was thinking, how he felt before the fatal shot. Did he plead for mercy? Was he crying in pain?" she said in tears, while her husband, Shapiei Zainal Abidin who in spite of his own wet eyes tried to offer comfort.

Their son, Mohd Shamil Hafiz Shapiei, was shot dead about 4am on Nov 13 on a street in Glenmarie in Shah Alam, Selangor. He was about a week away from turning 16.

He was shot once in the chest and in the middle of his forehead, an image which will not leave his parents' minds.

"Call it a mother's instinct...I don't know how or why, but the words just slipped out of my mouth when I saw his body: 'He has been murdered'," she said when met at the low-cost flat where they live in Kota Damansara.

The police have claimed they fired in self-defence, as Mohd Shamil and two others - Mohd Hanafi Omar (right), 22 and Hairul Nizam Tuah, 20, said to be from Cheras - had allegedly charged at police with machetes after attempting to rob a petrol station.

All three sustained similar gunshots to the chest and head, with Hairul Nizam also shot at the side of his head while Mohd Hanafi was shot at the top of his head.

All the bullets passed through the bodies, with exit wounds on Hairul Nizam's body at a lower part of his head and torso compared to the entry wound.

Headlines immediately after the incident screamed 'Teen Terrorist', with reports quoting the police as saying that Mohd Shamil was a seasoned criminal and a ringleader of Geng Minyak- a gang that had been targeting petrol stations across the Klang Valley.

If the manner in which the youths were shot dead was not enough to raise their suspicion, it was the police statements which have steeled the families' resolve to get more answers.

Hairul Nizam's sister Norliza Tuah took her concerns to their parliamentarian R Sivarasa (left) of PKR.

"I kept thinking of the way he was shot. The trajectory of the bullet (evident from the wounds) makes it seem like he was shot from a higher point. Did the police climb a tree to shoot him?

"My brother was afraid of the police and refused to drive if he didn't have his driver's licence on him because he was afraid of getting caught. How could he have charged at police with a machete?

“And where is this machete? I want to see it. We have not been shown anything that was found on (the deceased) and the police kept asking us what colour his helmet is, but he left his helmet at the cyber cafe."

Fourth person involved?

The helmet and the keys to the Hairul Nizam's motorcycle had been passed to Norliza on the morning of Nov 13 by his friends who had waited for him to return to the nearby cyber cafe where they were.

The friends told her that Hairul Nizam and Mohd Hanafi were there at 3.30am that day when someone in a Proton Waja - she does not know who - stopped by the cyber cafe and invited them out for supper.

"(Hairul Nizam) asked his friends to wait for him and said he would be back in a short while. They waited until morning but he never came back," she said.

The last time Norhafizah saw her son was at around 2.30am, when he came to the tomyam stall which she operates next to the flats.

"He always hung around with other youths who live here and played checkers. His father saw him at around 3am," she said.

Although only 15, Mohd Hafiz had much time on his hands as he was no longer attending school, having dropped out of Tahfiz (religious) school last year.

Norhafizah said he was not academically inclined and that he had asked her to search for a place for him to take up vocational training.

The teen's absence was noticed early in the morning as he has not returned home - something he had never done before.

"His sister was receiving an award for academic excellence (on Nov 13) and he told me he wanted to go to the ceremony. I called him several times but his phone was turned off," she said.

No drugs or alcohol found

Answers, albeit vague, were found in the morgue of Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, where forensic pathologist Khairul Azman Ibrahim informed them of their worst nightmare.

"We asked the police officer who was there to tell us more but he only said that he was not at the scene of the incident. No one could answer us properly," said Norliza.

But what they did find out was that none of the youths were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they died, leaving question marks over why they would charge at armed officers with machetes.

Just like slain teen Aminulrasyid Amzah's (right)family, who had in vain sought an apology from the police for labelling the 14-year-old a criminal, these families too cannot fathom that the youths were involved in criminal activity.

Also on their minds is the identity of the mysterious fourth person in the Proton Waja, in which police said the youths had sped off.

“That is for the police to find out, I don't want to speculate. I just want justice for my son, for my children,” Norhaliza said.

Her second son has been taunted by his peers who have been telling him that his brother was a criminal, while her four-year-old is now asking his parents to buy him a gun.

“The little one keeps asking us where his brother is, and when we don't answer he says, 'He is dead, shot by police...police are bad',” she said.

More than clearing the name of their loved one, Hairul Nizam's family also wants this to be the case that changes the way police conduct operations.

“Someone has been charged in the Aminulrasyid case…(but) there is still something wrong with the system in which the police operate.If this could happen to our family, it could happen to another family too.

“Maybe the real Geng Minyak is still out there and my brother was the scapegoat,” Norliza (left in pix) said.

The family has since filed a police report about their suspicion over the shooting.

An emergency motion on the issue, which Sivarasa attempted to raise in Parliament on Thursday, wasrejected.

Mohd Hanafi's family filed a similar police report today.

Senior Shah Alam police officers could not be contacted for a response.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Govt inaction fosters police brutality, says SIVARASA

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By Patrick Lee
KUALA LUMPUR: A Member of Parliament today complained about what he called a “culture of impunity” in the police force and called on the government to be “strict and effective” in cleaning up its image.
R Sivarasa (PKR-Subang), speaking to reporters following his failed attempt to initiate parliamentary debate on a recent police slaying of three Malay youths, said the government’s reluctance to act against police brutality was encouraging some officers to become “criminals in uniform”.
Last night, he filed a motion that sought a debate on the Nov 13 killing of Muhammad Shamil Hafiz Shafie, 16, Muhammad Hairul Nizam Tuah, 20, and Muhammad Hanafi Omar, 22. Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar rejected the motion on the ground that it was not of urgent interest.
Sivarasa noted that the killing happened in the midst of the Aminulrasyid inquest. Like the three boys, Aminulrasyid Amzah, 14, was fatally shot by police after a car chase in Shah Alam. That incident happened on April 26.
“This is a serious matter and not an isolated incident,” Sivarasa said, adding that there had been many similar cases since 1998 and that not a single police officer had been charged in court.
“This means we will have a culture of impunity where the police can do whatever they like without fear of conviction. With incidents like these, we can say that these are criminals in uniform.
“I don't blame everyone in the police force. Not everyone in the police is bad. But the government has to be strict and effective in cleaning up the image of the police.”
Sivarasa said the wounds on their bodies showed that the boys were shot at close range; they were either sitting or lying down. The policemen have claimed they shot in self-defence.
The families of Shamil Hafiz and Hairul Nizam lodged a report against the police on Nov 20 at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters.
Sivarasa said the two were shot in the head and chest. “In both cases, the bullets went in and came out. In Hairul's case, it was a top-to-bottom angle. The bullet entered through the left ear and came out by the right ear.” There were also bruises around Hairul Nizam's right eye, he added.
He said that the two families noticed these details when the bodies were being readied for burial.
Sivarasa also said the two families were angry with Selangor’s acting police chief, A Thaiveegan, for describing the boys as dangerous criminals.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Police Shooting

via Malaysia Chronicle by admin@ malaysiachronicle on 11/20/10

Shamil's mum - he would have turned 16 on Sunday
PETALING JAYA, Nov 20 — The families of two of the three youths shot dead on November 13 after being suspected of robbing a petrol station claimed that they were killed by police in cold blood.

Mohd Shamil Hafiz Shapiei, 15, Hairul Nizam Tuah, 20, and Mohd Hanafi Omar, 22, were shot dead by the police after a reported high-speed car chase in the early morning of November 13 in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

“This was a gangland-style execution by police officers,” said lawyer N. Surendran, who represented Shamil’s and Hairul’s families, at a press conference at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters today.

“We have gathered enough evidence,” he added.

The lawyer said the latest shooting underscored the importance of a royal commission of inquiry, following the case of 14-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah who was fatally shot by the police in Shah Alam on April 26.

“No child is safe on our streets. Any child out early in the morning is liable to be shot by the police,” said Surendran.

“We need a royal commission (of inquiry),” he added.

Selangor acting police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan reportedly defended his officers’ actions by describing the three suspected robbers as “seasoned criminals” who were allegedly involved in at least three armed robberies in Selangor last week.

He claimed that the police shot the suspects in self-defence as they had allegedly rushed to attack the policemen with machetes after a car chase at about 4.10am on November 13.

Surendran, however, dismissed such claims as lies.

“This is a lie by the police,” said the human rights lawyer.

He pointed out that based on the families’ observations of the bodies, Shamil, Hairul and Hanafi each sported two gunshot wounds on their heads and chests.

“All three were shot in the head and chest with bullets exiting lower,” said Surendran.

“This shows the shots were fired at close range, which is inconsistent (with police claims) that the shots were fired in self-defence,” he added.

The lawyer also said the trajectory of the bullets on Hairul’s body indicated that Hairul’s shooter had shot him from a higher position.

“This indicates that the victims were kneeling. Hairul also had a black eye,” said Surendran.

“Shamil was shot directly in the centre of his forehead,” he added.

The lawyer said the families’ legal team would seek the opinion of forensic pathologists on the case.

“We’ll ask for an appointment with forensic pathologists from Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang,” said Surendran.

He added that Shamil’s and Hairul’s families are demanding for the policemen responsible for the youths’ deaths to be suspended and charged with murder.

“The families want the policemen suspended and charged for the offence of murder. This was blue murder by the police,” said Surendran.

“They also want an apology for accusing them (the youth) of being criminals,” said the lawyer.

Both families filed police reports at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters today, claiming that the two boys were murdered by the police.

“Tomorrow is Shamil’s birthday,” said his mother Norhafizah Mad Razali, before breaking down in tears.

In her police report, the 36-year-old businesswoman said her son did not have any criminal record and did not know how to drive a car.

“My son was a good boy who went for religious classes,” said Norhafizah.

Meanwhile, Subang MP R. Sivarasa called for an independent investigation into the deaths and for the police officers to be charged.

“We’ll ask the government to set up a royal commission of inquiry. I’ll bring this up in Parliament,” said Sivarasa.

“But the first step is to charge those murderers. How many more cases like this do we have to see?” he asked.

Besides Aminulrasyid, a second case involving the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Mohd Afham Arin in Johor Baru on October 20 last year has also surfaced after the victim’s mother recently demanded an independent commission to investigate the case.

According to human rights group Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), 88 people died in police shootings last year.

The NGO also claimed that not even one police officer was held accountable and that the high number of deaths in 2009 was “alarming”, considering that there were only 13 such cases in the previous two years.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Leaders - Corporate Malaysia Forum 2010

The Leaders Budget 2011 Review
Forum Highlight
Speakers :
Datuk M Kayveas, PPP President
YB R. Sivarasa – Subang MP
Dr. Ong Kian Meng
Faculty of Economics and Policy Science (FEPS)
Q & A Session
Presentation of Souvenir & Refreshment

16th November 2010    - 2:00pm

Monday, October 25, 2010

Deepavali Greetings

For Deepavali this year, as we extend our good wishes to our friends and loved ones, let us remind ourselves not to allow our hearts to remain full of the darkness of ignorance. PKR has been committed to shedding light on the wrong doing and abuse of power prevalent in Malaysia. PKR members have dedicated time and in some cases their own safety in this continuous challenge.

The conflicts and challenges that inevitably arise in the course of pursuing our goals are indicators that even if we are taking two steps forward but one step back, we are slowly but surely making progress. Self-interest and personal egos cannot co-exist with brotherhood and cooperation. As our homes are lit with lamps with this Deepavali let us symbolically strengthen our resolve to reject all corrupt and immoral elements afflicting our homes and our society.

Press Statement - 25th October 2010

 Cononer’s “open verdict” in R.Gunasegaran’s death

I view with extreme outrage and concern at the Cononer’s “open verdict” in R.Gunasegaran’s death in police custody inquest – the latest in the long list of inquests where the magistrates acting as coroners have failed to discharge their duties to impartially inquire into the cause of death and find the perpetrators involved.

Coroner Siti Shakirah Mohtarudin like so many other previous coroners, went out of her way to protect the policemen and the hospital personnel involved in covering up for the police – in order to cast doubt into the cause of death so that an “open verdict” can be found. This effectively meant that the police are not to be blamed as the cause of death was not determined. 

It is a scandal how she can arrive at an “open verdict” when there were 4 eyewitnesses to the deceased being assaulted by Lance Corporal Mohd Faizal Mat Taib. She even pondered whether the injuries could have been caused by efforts to resuscitate the deceased even though the medical officer testified that no effort was made at resuscitation!

It is shocking indictment of the poor standard of the country’s criminal justice system and lawlessness of the PDRM when so many people, mostly young men in good health can be detained by the police but end up dead. The situation is made worse when the medical authorities in charge of conducting post-mortems normally do a poor job as did the Kuala Lumpur Hospital in this instance, had even failed to store the body properly causing it to rot.

The overwhelming majority of deaths in police custody cases are only investigated internally by the police themselves which are obviously unsatisfactory. The few cases that are subjected to inquests have shown to be very slow and ineffective e.g. the inquest into the death of Ulaganathan Muniandy, then 19 years old in 2003 – after numerous postponements, has yet to be completed.

According to the Royal Commission on the Police report in 2005, there have only been 6 inquests carried out for the deaths of 80 people while in police custody between 2000 and 2004.

This trend of hospitals colluding with the police in covering up crimes, and the coroners stamping “open verdicts” in inquests cannot be allowed to continue as I fear that the serious damage done to these key state institutions’ credibility may be irreversible and may lead the rakyat into cynicism or worse take matters into their own hands as the rakyat simply cannot get justice.

The death of R. Gunasegaran, then only 31 years old at the Sentul Police Station, is neither an isolated incident nor the case of a few rotten apples but a wider and serious problem of the institutions’ lack of accountability, transparency and independence that allow such deaths to be covered up with no justice for the rakyat.

We must stop this rot before it is too late.

Released by:

MP for Subang
Keadilan Vice President

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

response to Zaid Ibrahim’s statement “Empowering Keadilan” on Anwar

In response to Zaid Ibrahim’s statement “Empowering Keadilan” on Anwar
Ibrahim’s trial

20 October 2010

I view with incredulity Zaid Ibrahim’s latest unkind salvo against
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), which I sometimes think he forgets is the
party he currently belongs to and is in running for Deputy President.
It is very irresponsible  for him to suggest that
PKR seems to be a one issue party – keen only to champion Anwar
Ibrahim and his ongoing trial.

This myth he knows is not true and is something that we normally only
hear from UMNO-BN politicians. Over the last decade or so, PKR has
grown tremendously and has played a major part in forging the Pakatan
Rakyat alliance while espousing its true multi-racial brand of
progressive politics, leading to the Pakatan Rakyat’s Common Policy
Platform which we believe will pose a strong challenge to the BN in
the next general election.

I am further shocked that Zaid has suggested that by defending Anwar,
the party is unable to defend the rakyat. Again, very UMNO-BN-like
criticism as he knows very well that the party has a good track record
in defending the rakyat on various issues concerning civil, political,
economic, social and cultural rights.

I am sure Zaid is well aware that securing justice for Anwar does not
merely mean providing the best legal defence but involves a campaign
outside court to expose the Government’s manipulation of key
institutions to persecute political opponents. Again, this statement
that Anwar has received the best legal defence and therefore there is
nothing else to do – certainly seemed very UMNO-BN-like, and certainly
appalling coming from a PKR leader.

The implication of Anwar’s trial if he does not know is that Anwar’s
current and previous trials represent all that is wrong with UMNO-BN’s
brand of sham democracy – one that enables the government of the day
to make use of all the state machinery including the judiciary,
police, AG’s Chambers and even hospitals to manufacture false evidence
and implicate political opponents.

In case Zaid has forgotten, Anwar has spent six years’ imprisonment on
trumped up charges, and is once again facing the same fate. Surely it
would be extremely unkind and ungrateful of PKR to suddenly abandon
Anwar just when the party is becoming a major political force in the

I am certainly at a loss to understand Zaid’s campaign strategy as he
seems bent on publicly and continuously criticising the party and its
leadership (which I must remind he is also part of) instead of
strengthening the party, and championing the party’s policies,
processes and issues including that of UMNO-BN’s persecution of Anwar.

Released by:

R Sivarasa
Member of Parliament, Subang
Vice President, Parti KeADILan Rakyat

Monday, October 18, 2010

Your MP is concerned - and will get to the bottom of this

41 Selayang traders see red

by Llew-Ann Phang

PETALING JAYA (Oct 17, 2010): The Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) has "outsourced" the management of an industrial park in Desa Aman Puri to a private company, raising the ire of traders who find that their monthly rentals have increased by 120%.

The livelihoods of 41 petty traders are now at the mercy of Property Development T&L Sdn Bhd, which is the beneficiary of the privatisation agreement.

In late August, the traders were given a notice from the company's lawyers stating that Property Development T&L would be taking over the management of the Bukit Desa Industrial Park from Oct 1, under a build, operate and transfer (BOT) scheme.

On Oct 2, the traders received a set of to-dos, which included an increase in their monthly rental from RM450 to RM1,000.

They were also told the deposit needed to be paid by last Friday, failing which they would have to vacate their units.

"If I lose this spot, I have nowhere else to go and this is my bread and butter we’re talking about," said trader Farid Ahmad, 36 who alerted theSun. He has been operating there for four years.

"We cannot afford to fork out so much money because we’re only small-time operators."

The traders have written to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Selangor executive councilor for local government Ronnie Liu, Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah and MPS president Datuk Zainal Abidin Azim to highlight their plight.

An MPS official said the BOT agreement which allowed Property Development T&L to take over was brought up at a Privatisation Committee meeting on June 23.

"The matter was agreed upon at the council’s full board meeting on June 29 and as a result, the company has authority over rent, the management of the premise and its conditions," a spokesman said.

All’s not lost, however, as Liu has fixed a meeting among all the parties on Friday.

"The meeting will involve the tenants, MPS, the company and councillor Lee Khai Loon and it will also discuss the rate to be charged," Liu said.

He said the privatisation agreement for the stretch of stalls and workshops was signed before the 2008 general election.

"It was under (former mentri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohammad) Khir Toyo and has nothing to do with Ronnie Liu," he said.

"The agreement states that the company would be able to take over the operations of the development. However, I was told by the MPS president that there is a clause in the agreement that allows him to have a say in the rental rates and he is now stepping in to help the traders." -- theSun

Soalan saya di parlimen

Tuan Sivarasa A/L K.Rasiah [ Subang ]
memandangkan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor di bawah Pakatan Rakyat
telah menggubal satu Enakmen Pembebasan Maklumat (Freedom of
Information Enactment) dalam sidang DUN Selangor yang lepas, sama
ada Kerajaan Persekutuan bercadang membuat undang-undang yang
sama di Parlimen.
minta MENTERImenyatakan

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soalan Saya Di Parlimen - Khamis 14hb Oktober

29. PR-1233-L40218
Tuan Sivarasa A/L K.Rasiah [ Subang ]
menyatakan sama ada Kerajaan boleh bersetuju meluluskan untuk setiap
Ahli Parlimen tanpa mengira parti satu elaun khas yang munasabah tetapi
cukup untuk membiayai kos pengendalian pusat khidmat-pusat khidmat
mereka dan juga gaji kakitangan untuk tugas kaji selidik dan

Pemilihan Cabang Subang

Pemilihan Cabang Subang

E-mail Cetak PDF
13 OKTOBER 2010

Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP) Parti Keadilan Rakyat yang bermesyuarat pada 5 Oktober 2010 telah meneliti laporan oleh pengawas pemilihan darihal Pemilihan Cabang Subang yang telah diadakan pada 26 September 2010.
Setelah dibincangkan, berikut adalah keputusan yang dibuat oleh Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat :
o Pemilihan Cabang Subang pada Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan Cabang 2010 dibatalkan berikutan ancaman dan ugutan yang diterima oleh pengawas-pengawas pemilihan dan petugas-petugas serta ahli JPP, Sdr Sabaruddin Mohd Yassin.
o JPP juga telah memutuskan dua individu iaitu Saudara Muhammad Najmi Samsudin (no ahli B160000934) dan Saudara Sivam a/l Veeramuthu (no ahli B160000800) telah hilang kelayakan bertanding pada pemilihan Cabang Subang yang akan diadakan semula apakala tarikh baru ditentukan oleh sekretariat Ibu Pejabat Parti
o Mereka berdua akan dirujuk kepada Jawatankuasa Disiplin untuk tindakan selanjutnya bilamana mereka akan dipanggil memberi keterangan. Sementara menunggu kes mereka dihadapkan kepada Jawatankuasa Disiplin, keanggotaan mereka digantung mengikut fasal 27.3 Perlembagaan Parti berkuatkuasa sertamerta.
Setiausaha Agung

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sekolah Agama di Sek 8, Kota Damansara

PKNS does its bit for Muslims in Kota Damansara

THE Selangor Economic Deve­lopment Corporation (PKNS) presented RM450,000 as part of funds to build the SK Agama Kota Damansara.
The school, which will be located in Section 8, Kota Damansara, will cater to the Muslim community in the area.
PKNS chief executive officer Othman Omar said the three-storey school would have one block consisting of classrooms, headmaster’s room, teacher’s room, examination hall, meeting rooms and a cafeteria.
Cash aid: Othman (standing sixth from left) presenting the cheque to the school’s chairman Mohd Hassan Othman (seventh from left) while officials and students look on.
“The school will be ready by the middle of next year and will have about 300 pupils.
“Teachers from Al-Azhar Mesir, Islamic colleges and other Islamic institutions recognised by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) will be teaching there.
“We are also planning to build more of such schools in PKNS projects like Antara Gapi, Kota Puteri, SSP2 and Bernam Jaya,’’ said Othman during the PKNS Hari Raya Open House at the Shah Alam Convention Centre in Shah Alam recently.

Residents want problem solved before Damansara-Tropicana link is opened


DAMANSARA Idaman residents want the traffic situation in their area solved before the Damansara-Tropicana link is opened.
Damansara Idaman Owners and Residents Association (Diora) president Wan Annuar Wan Mohd Noor said they wanted a solution instead of letting people suffer.
Diora had filed an injunction against the developer from opening the road in May.
Wan Annuar was speaking after a meeting with the stakeholders, developer, consultant and Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) on Thursday.
The session was chaired by councillor Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin.
Wan Annuar added that the meeting was a step in the right direction as it was important to address the concerns of the residents.
“I think it will be better if everyone walks the talk. We do not want to be worse off than before,” he said.
Tropicana Residents Association chairman Mohamed Shukri Zain wanted to know the macro-traffic impact study before the Ara Damansara-Tropicana link was opened.
He said they wanted to know if the road could take the volume of the cars.
“We are not against the road but we want to see solutions. It is best if the problems are fixed before the link is opened,” he said.
Councillor Khairul Anuar said the meeting was a platform for them to listen to the grievances and find out why the residents were opposing the link.
“We have the macro study on the traffic flow for Ara Damansara and Tropicana as well as the 17 projects and the report has addressed most of the concerns,” he said.
He added that they would be having another meeting with the residents to brief them on the 17 projects and traffic report.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Residents want proposed projects completed soon to solve congestion

Residents want proposed projects completed soon to solve congestion


WHEN can the Petaling Jaya City Council implement the long-term projects proposed early last year to alleviate the congestion problems plaguing the entire PJU area? The council had approved 17 short-, mid- and long-term projects to address the perpetual traffic problems that have caused housing estates here to be in dispute with each other over the use of roads.
Two long-term projects recommended were to build an elevated road crossing at the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) to connect FAS with Ara Damansara, and another elevated ramp connecting Jalan PJU1A/1, Persiaran Tropicana and Jalan Bukit Mayang Emas.
Almost two years have passed but the council has not given residents an answer as to when these two projects can take off. In fact, most of the short- and mid-term projects are also pending for one reason or another.
Choked: Jalan Bukit Mayang Emas that runs parallel to the New Klang Valley Expressway is always congested during peak hours as it is a main access to many neighbourhoods as well as an alternative to toll roads.
For Taman Bukit Mayang Emas residents, the clock is ticking fast as they are worried that a huge volume of traffic will pour in from Ara Damansara once the missing link connecting to Tropicana via Jalan PJU1A/1 opens.
Construction of the link stopped following a court injunction filed by Damansara Idaman residents but the council was determined to open it to ease the choked-up traffic in Ara Damansara, after completing paper work to prove that the road had been surrendered to the state.
Ara Damansara residents cannot wait any longer and are already using the uncompleted road at their own risk, but residents on the Tro­picana side feel it is impossible for the mostly two-lane roads in their area to bear such a high volume of traffic once the link officially opens.
Internal problems: Cars parked indiscriminately within Taman Bukit Mayang Emas
“The council is merely transferring the problem here if they open the road,” said Taman Bukit Mayang Emas Residents’ Association chairman Steven Foo. The housing estate has been there for 16 years. He said traffic from Ara Damansara would clog up Persiaran Tropicana, the Tropicana tunnels, Jalan Bukit Mayang Emas and Kampung Cempaka roundabout that are at the brim of their capacity, to link to the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP).
He added that most of the stretches have only two lanes interrupted by U-turns and unsynchronised traffic lights, while Jalan Bukit Mayang Emas that runs parallel to the NKVE are already sustaining heavy traffic to and from Sungai Buloh, Kepong and Kota Damansara as an alternative to toll road.
Long crawl: A photo taken by a Ara Damansara resident showing the traffic jam motorists have to put up with along the access via the FAS tunnel during peak hours.
Deputy chairman Lum Weng Fook lamented that there were at least seven projects coming up in the area served by only two-lane roads.
“Residents fear development. Developments in Petaling Jaya do not bring progress but nightmares. We shudder to think what will happen when these projects are ready; we are already suffering every day.
“Just how many more years do we have to wait before the council finds a solution?” he asked.
Dangerous: Water seepage makes the pedestrian walkway along the Tropicana tunnel slippery and dangerous.
Lum added that illegal parking was rampant near the area’s eateries and condominiums, so much so that public buses had stopped plying these roads.
“At the rate these high-rise buildings are mushrooming in PJU, I doubt the traffic projects can end our traffic woes,” he said.
Secretary Jenny Tan said even though residents had been invited to give their views at MBPJ dialogues nothing solid had been done.
“We had our say at the traffic briefing where we were told about the 17 projects but two years have passed. It is still the same,” she said.
Mutiara Tropicana Residents’ Association chairman Muhammad Ismail Muhammad Yusuf said opening the link would endanger the lives of many pedestrians and school-going children.
“There are two schools located near the Tropicana tunnels, many students walk to school from home but the traffic is always so heavy. We shudder to think what will happen when the link opens,” he said.
The new Tropicana tunnel, which opened in August 2009, is in bad condition with water seepage, deep potholes and cracked concrete, affecting traffic flow.
Status of the traffic projects announced in early 2009
Short-term proposals
• Physical improvement to existing Lembah Subang tunnel (done)
• Operate Lembah Subang tunnel and southern section of Jalan Taman Emas 2 as one-way east-bound (done)
• Completion of Jalan PJU1A/44 (pending)
• Conversion of Jalan PJU 1A/4A roundabout with Jalan PJU1A/4D to a signalised T-junction (pending)
• Widening of Jalan PJU1A/4A from two lanes to four lanes (pending)
• Completion of a four-lane road between Jalan PJU1A/1 and Jalan PJU 1A/4A (pending)
• North-South link between Jalan PJU1A/1 and Jalan Lembah Subang (pending)
• Improvement at the ingress from Jalan PJU1/28 northbound into Jalan SS25/29 (pending)
• Improvement of LDP junctions at Jalan SS25/29 and Jalan SS25/23 (pending)
• Roundabout design at Jalan Hilir Bandar Utama/Jalan Tropicana Sela­tan junction (replaced by a U- turn)
• Raising road embankment near Persiaran Surian/Jalan PJU3/31 (pending)
• U-turn facility at Persiaran Surian (pending)
Medium-term proposals
• Improvement of Persiaran Surian (tender put up)
• Realignment of road to avoid residential road in Kelana Idaman (pending)
• Construction of missing link along Jalan PJU1A/1 to connect Ara Damansara and Tropicana (court injunction)
Long-term proposals
• Elevated road crossing at NKVE to connect FAS with Ara Damansara (pending)
• Elevated ramp connecting Jalan PJU1A/1, Persiaran Tropicana and Jalan Bukit Mayang Emas (pending)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Response to Article in Malaysiakini

Dear Editor

I write to state that the impression created in your article that there was jeering and heckling disruption during the Subang Division annual general meeting division meeting is not accurate.  The suggestion that this led to the postponement of the Subang election of division leaders is also not correct.

The AGM had problems in the way the voting by show of hands for nominations for national leaders was handled. But, apart from that, proceeded and was completed.

What was NOT completed was the Subang Division leaders election which is a separate process from the AGM altogether. This could not take place because of defective ballot papers which were rectified late. As a result, the senior election official present En Sabaruddin had no option but to declare a postponement of the election at about 230 pm.
Then I and many other candidates and members left the venue.

Regretably a group of members including a few candidates then used threats of confinement and violence on the election officials and forced them to proceed with balloting. The election officials have lodged reports with the police and the party. I understand that the PKR National Election Committee will decide on the issue next week after receiving all reports.

I hope that this correction can be made to prevent continuing confusion

Yours sincerely
R Sivarasa

I also enclose the following Bahasa version:

Saya menulis untuk membetulkan kandongan di dalam rencana ini yang memberikan gambaran bahawa di dalam Mesyuarat Agung PKR Subang berlaku |”tengkar dan gaduh” dan mesyuarat “tidak dapat diteruskan”. Ini tidak tepat. Walaupun proces pengundian untuk pencalunan dan perwakilan dalam mesyuarat memang tidak dapat dikawal dengan baik, selain daripada itu, mesyuarat berjalan lancar sehingga habis.

Yang tidak dapat diteruskan adalah pemilihan pimpinan cabang yang merupakan proces yang berasingan. Penangguhan pemilihan yang berlaku disebabkan kertas undi yang catat dan kelewatan membetulkannya. Ini mengakibatkan pemilihan sehaja ( dan bukan Mesyuarat Agung ) diumumkan ditangguh oleh En Sabaruddin, seorang ahli Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat yang hadir pada jam 230 petang.  Seterusnya saya dan ramai lagi calon dan anggota telah meninggalkan tempat itu.

Malangnya, selepas itu, ada segolongan calun dan anggota menggunakan ugutan kekerasan dan memaksa pengawas pemilihan untuk meneruskan dengan pengundian.  Isu itu telah dilaporkan oleh pengawas kepada pihak polis dan Parti.  Kami difahamkan Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat akan membuat satu keputusan pada minggu hadapan selepas mendapat semua lapuran.

R. Sivarasa, Calun Ketua Cabang dan juga Naib Presiden.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Response to Free Malaysia Today's article

By R Sivarasa
28th September 2010
Dear Editor,
I refer to your  article ' Stop the lies', PKR chief tells Subang members which was published on 28th September 2010.
This article is full of damaging and misleading inaccuracies.
1)      Your report quotes a newly elected deputy division chief V. Sivam giving the false impression that a valid election had in fact happened.  This is not true. No valid election took place.
2)      The statement “Siva only managed to get five votes compared to Najmi’s 151” is incorrect. At 2.30pm on that day, Sdr Sabaruddin Md Yasin from PKR National Elections Committee (JPP) announced that – due to technical errors in the ballot papers – the elections were to be postponed to a later date. As such, no valid election took place, and any results arising were null and void.
3)      Whatever votes cast were done so illegally in an atmosphere of intimidation and duress. Supporters of one of the contesting factions forced election officers to continue in spite of the original decision. They told election officials present that they would be confined within the premises and damage done to the venue if voting did not proceed. As such, in order to prevent physical violence and under duress, the officials allowed voting to proceed. Even so, as pointed out in the above, no valid election took place.
4)      In response to “They claimed that returning officer Zariny had lodged a police report...”  we can confirm that Pn Zariny Zainol did indeed lodge a police report (Ref No KOTA DAMANSARA/007695/10, dated 26/9/2010).
PKR National Election Committee will meet to discuss their findings on the postponed elections for the Subang Division, and the results of their findings are expected to be announced on Monday, 4th October 2010.
I hope that following my statement, Free Malaysia Today will seek clarification from the PKR National Election Committee in order to give an accurate and factual report to your readers.
I request that this response be printed in its entirety, in order that your readers will have a clear picture of what  transpired on the 26th September at the PKR Subang Division AGM and Divisional Elections.
Sivarasa Rasiah
Vice President, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, candidate for Subang Division Chief

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Press Statement from YB R. Sivarasa

Press Statement

By R Sivarasa – Vice President Parti Keadilan Rakyat and candidate for Division Chief of Subang

28th September 2010.

The Star’s inaccurate reporting yesterday 27 September and today 28 September of the PKR Subang Division’s 2010 AGM and Election

I am constrained to issue this statement to correct completely inaccurate statements published in the STAR yesterday and today on the PKR Subang Division’s 2010 AGM and Elections as published in The Star on 27th and 28th editions.

Yesterday 27th September, The Star wrongly reported ( page N8 ) that meeting for the PKR Subang Division was called-off on technical grounds when in fact the Annual General Meeting started about 11am as scheduled and completed.

It was also reported as follows “Vice President contender R Sivarasa also failed to secure the Subang Division Chief post” giving the false impression that a valid election had in fact happened. This is not true.

As a result of technical errors in the ballots papers resulting in substantial delay in arrival of fresh ballot papers only after 1 pm, an objection was made by me and 3 other Division Chief candidates and a request for postponement of the elections made as many members had arrived early but had left without voting.

Sdr Sabaruddin a member of the party’s National Elections Committee arrived and after considering the situation made and announced the decision to postpone the elections to a date to be fixed to the 4 candidates and one candidate’s representative for the Division Chief post present in front of him.

After that announcement at about 230 pm, I and many of the other candidates and many members left the venue.

Subsequently, a group of persons including some candidates intimidated and threatened the election officials present that they would be confined there and damage done to the venue if voting did not proceed. I understand that at some point, in order to prevent physical violence and under duress, the officials allowed voting to proceed.

Election official Puan Zariny Zainol subsequently lodged a police report to that effect at the Kota Damansara Police Station yesterday.

It is in that context that my statement that the election was null and void was made which was quoted in The Star yesterday. However regrettably the article does not mention the facts regarding the voting done under duress and the police report done by the election official which must have been known to The Star which would have my comment immediately understandable to any reader.

Today 28.9.10 at page N14, The Star has made further false and inaccurate statements regarding Subang. First it reports as follows “Sivarasa and four other contenders walked out in protest claiming that there were missing candidate names in the ballot papers”. As would be obvious from the facts stated above, this is not true. We left the premises, as was proper, only after the announcement by En Sabaruddin that the election was postponed.

Second, it reports falsely that “Sivarasa lodged a police report.” This again is wrong as I did not lodge any police report.

I understand that in the light of the fact that some voting did take place as a result of the election officials being forced to conduct it, the party’s National Election Committee will at some point make a ruling on the matter of the Subang election.

I urge The Star to publish this statement in full so that readers are able to get a balanced view of the facts.

R Sivarasa

Vice-President Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beraya di kawasan Parlimen Batu

Sivarasa bersama pemimpin Parti Keadilan Rakyat yang lain beraya bersama rakyat kawasan Parlimen Batu

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Suhakam, NGO kesal protes ISA dihalang

Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) kecewa dengan tindakan polis menyuraikan perhimpunan anti-ISA di Petaling Jaya kelmarin kerana tindakan itu melanggar hak orang awam untuk berhimpun secara aman.

"Pemerhatian Suhakam mendapati bahawa hak untuk berhimpun telah dinafikan apabila pihak berkuasa menghentikan perhimpunan itu dan menyuraikan orang ramai dengan tergesa-gesa," kata pengerusinya Tan Sri Hasmy Agam.

"Amaran yang sebaiknya dan masa yagn cukup tidak diberikan oleh pihak berkuasa, yang menyebabkan 22 lelaki dan lapan wanita ditahan kerana disyaki menjadi peserta acara nyalan lilin."

Sempena 50 tahun ISA diperkenalkan, aktivis NGO dan pembangkang berkumpul di pelbagai tempat bagi menyalakan lilin tanda bantahan terhadap akta kontroversiti itu.

Tindakan itu menyebabkan polis menahan 30 orang di Petaling Jaya, empat di Pulau Pinang dan dua di Kelantan atas alasan terlibat dalam perhimpunan tanpa permit.

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, Hasmy mengingatkan polis terhadap cadangan yang dibuat hasil daripada pendengaran awam kes perhimpunan di lebuh raya Kesas dan KLCC - atau dikenali sebagai 'Bloody Sunday' (kiri) - sebelum ini.

"Suhakam mencadangkan dalam suatu keadaan apabila polis perlu mengawal atau menyuraikan orang ramai, waktu yang cukup dan cara yang tidak ganas hendaklah digunapakai," katanya sambil mendakwa Suhakam memerhatikan secara langsung demonstrasi di Petaling Jaya pada malam minggu sebelum ini.

NGO: Bongkar muka munafik

Beliau menegaskan sekali lagi bahawa hak orang ramai untuk berhimpun secara aman dijamin oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan Deklarasi Hak Asasi Manusia Antarabangsa.

Sementara itu beberapa kumpulan NGO hari ini turut mengecam tindakan polis membuat tangkapan "besar-besaran" dengan mendesak Menteri Dalam Negeri Tan Sri Hishammuddin Hussein meletakkan jawatan.

Tiga badan itu - Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur, Pakatan Penulis untuk Kebebasan Media (Wami) dan NGO pendidikan Pusat Pembangunan LLG - mendakwa Hishammuddin 'melanggar' janjinya pada Jun lalu bahawa pindaan ISA akan menjamin hak berhimpun.

"Tetetapi kami berpendapat, tangkapan besar-besaran (pada) 1 Ogos telah bercanggah dengan janji kerajaan dalam pemindahan (pindaan) ISA, membongkarkan muka munafik kerajaan yang mengabaikan hak-hak sivil rakyat," kata mereka dalam satu kenyataan bersama.

Sementara itu, Pemuda PKR Pulau Pinang pula menyifatkan justifikasi polis bagi menghalang perhimpunan itu dengan mengatakan sebagarai 'haram' merupakan tindakan yang cukup simplistik.

"Pihak polis barangkali buat-buat lupa terhadap pengisytiharan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang yang sebelum ini telah menyediakan Speakers Corner khas untuk rakyat menyatakan sebarang ekspresi diri terhadap apa jua isu semasa yang berlaku," kata setiausahanya Syed mikael Rizal Aidid.

"Penganjur juga telah menuruti arahan kerajaan negeri untuk tidak menggunakan sebarang pembesar suara.

"Berdasarkan keadaan ini, pihak polis sewajarnya menghormati perhimpunan dan hak rakyat ini, dan bukannya menimbulkan lagi suasana tegang.

Sumber dari: Malaysiakini

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gambar di sekitar Taman Ehsan dan Desa Jaya

Tiada Krisis Air, Selangor Tolak Kadar Air Naik!

Menteri Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air harus berhenti daripada mengelirukan orang awam dengan menimbulkan isu krisis air di Selangor. Masalah kini di Selangor bukan kekurangan air tetapi tindakan Kerajaan Pusat yang sengaja melambatkan penyelesaian penstrukturan semula syarikat pengurusan air di Selangor.

Masalah yang bakal didepani rakyat Selangor bukan krisis kekurangan air, tetapi kadar air meningkat disebabkan keengganan kerajaan pusat Barisan Nasional menyerahkan pengurusan industri air Selangor kepada kerajaan negeri, sebaliknya meneruskan agenda penswastaan air.

Dakwaan Selangor menghadapi krisis bekalan air bertujuan memberi alasan untuk menaikkan kadar air. Hujah Menteri Datuk Seri Peter Chin mengulas Menteri Besar Selangor semalam adalah kenyataan yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Pandangan Menteri tersebut jelas sekadar bertujuan untuk mengalihkan tumpuan terhadap isu pengambilalihan pengurusan industri air di Selangor, bukannya melihat pada pokok pangkal masalah sebenar yang berpunca daripada Kerajaan Pusat.

Sekiranya kerajaan pusat Barisan Nasional terus menghalang penstrukturan semula industri air di Selangor, kami yakin kadar air akan meningkat disebabkan:

1. Pembinaan Projek Penyaluran Air Mentah Pahang-Selangor yang berkos RM8 bilion, sementara kerajaan negeri dapat melaksanakan projek tersebut pada kos RM2 bilion.

2. Pengurusan Syabas yang tidak telus, antaranya gaji tahunan Pengerusi Syabas mencecah RM5.1 juta setahun, RM425,000 sebulan.

3. Puncak Niaga gagal menaiktaraf loji rawatan air yang sudah uzur dan tidak mampu untuk merawat air.

4. Pembaziran air yang berterusan akibat air tanpa hasil (NRW) yang tinggi.

5. Penswastaan industri air yang hanya menguntungkan kroni-kroni pimpinan politik.

Air, tanah, sumber mineral merupakan milikan negeri Selangor, maka adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kerajaan negeri untuk menjaga hak rakyat Selangor.

Antara usaha kerajaan negeri untuk menghalang Syabas yang bertindak sebagai alat kerajaan pusat bagi merampas hak rakyat Selangor ialah mencadangkan pengambilalihan industri air di Selangor, serta memberikan air percuma bagi setiap penggunaan 20 meter padu.

Rakyat lebih berkeyakinan di bawah kepimpinan Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, kerajaan negeri mampu mengurus pentadbiran industri air dengan jauh lebih telus dan bekesan.

Kami menyeru agar Kerajaan Pusat mengaku air sebagai hak asasi manusia dan tidak diperalatkan untuk keuntungan kroni atau kepentingan politik. Kami juga rayu kepada seluruh rakyat Selangor bertegas memberi sokongan penuh kepada kerajaan negeri dalam usaha mengambilalih industri air di Selangor dan membantah penswastaan air di Selangor.

Dr Badrul Amin Baharom
Pengarah Penerangan
Kerajaan Negeri Selangor

Thursday, July 22, 2010

3rd WUKF World Karate Championships Children, Cadets & Juniors

YB Sivarasa melihat sijil penyertaan yang diterima oleh peserta pertandingan

Pertandingan "WUKF World Karate Championships Children, Cadets & Juniors" kali ketiga telah diadakan di Sao Paulo, Brazil pada 03hb Julai 2010 hingga 14hb Julai 2010. Malaysia diwakili oleh Internasional Okinawan Shorinryu Seibukan karatedo Association of Malaysia (IOSSKAM) dan diwakili oleh tujuh orang peserta. Ini merupakan penyertaan mereka buat kali pertama.
Dalam pertandingan tersebut IOSSKAM memenangi satu pingat perak(Kogilanathan) dan dua pingat gangsa (Kalaiarasu dan Karthiga). Pasukan ini diiringi oleh Mahaguru
Dr. Pathamanathan dan dua orang tenaga pengajar iaitu En Tan Juan Kee dan Govindarajan.
Antara peserta yang bertanding adalah Minalochuni, Mugilan, Deeran dan Thanes. Mereka hadir ke Pejabat kami untuk menyatakan penghargaan kerana sokongan yang kami berikan terhadap usaha mereka.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CenPRIS Public Policy Forum:

CenPRIS Public Policy Forum:
The 10th Malaysia Plan: Policy, Politics and the New Economic Model

  • YB Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussin (Deputy Minister of Finance)
  • YB Sivarasa Rasiah (MP-Subang)
  • YB Dato Idris bin Jusoh (Chairman, MARA; former MB, Terengganu)
  • Dr Lim Teck Ghee (CEO, Center for Policy Initiatives)
Moderator: Prof Chan Chee Khoon
Date: July 28, 2010 (Wednesday)

Time: 2-5pm

Venue: Auditorium, Institute for Research in
Molecular Medicine (INFORMM), USM,

Enquiries & RSVP:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kampung Sri Indah A

By LIM CHIA YING chiaying@thestar.com.my

A NEW 400m-long drain is being constructed along Jalan 13 of Kampung Sri Indah A, Sungai Buloh, to help resolve flood woes on this street.

Costing RM235,000 to build, the allocation was made by Selangor New Village Development Committee chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah, who chairs this portfolio under the state government.
There was previously no drain on this street. Ean Yong said he hoped the water would be channelled out properly once the drain was ready.

“Work on the construction of the drain started in June and is expected to be completed in August,” said Ean Yong during a visit to check on the progress of the work.

Villagers staying along this row, such as Teo Kim Hua, would shudder every time it poured.

The rain water will wash the mud down from the nearby hill slopes thus inundating Jalan 13 that fronts Teo’s house.
The road, she said, would be flooded by the murky waters which flowed into at least three houses on the street and when the water receded the house compound was filled with a coat of mud.

Thus far, Teo’s house has not been flooded. However, she is fearful that sometime in the near future, her house too would be affected because the murky water had reached the main gate of her house.
“Since June last year, the flash floods have become worse as water would rise to over one feet. The water flows into three of my neighbours’ houses,” said Teo, 60.

Teo, who has stayed in the village for two decades, said the flood problem first started back in 2008, and at that time the villagers had lodged complaints to the MCA bureau.
“One of the developers was instructed to dig the earth to allow better flow of the water, and the situation was fine until June last year,” she said.

Ean Yong said Kampung Sri Indah A is not so much a new village but more of an organised village which was built after the Emergency Ordinance.
“Therefore, the basic infrastructure may not be that good.”

He added that Jalan 13 was also situated on lower ground which probably explained why the area was prone to flooding.

Kampung Sri Indah A Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) chairman Wu Tat Choon thanked Ean Yong for looking into their plight and offering assistance.
He said it was unfortunate that there was no drain along Jalan 13, while many other drains in the village were also clogged up thus impeding the flow of water.

“When the drains are congested, they cannot cope with the earth and sand that are being washed down,” said Wu, 50.

He also complained about the constant burning of waste at one of the factories, polluting the air with a foul odour and endangering the health of the villagers there.
Ean Yong said in new and organised villages, infrastructure like drains were either damaged or missing. He aims to get these amenities replaced or repaired within the next four years.
Ean Yong also made a short stop at a reserve land where TNB high-tension cables ran through the village. He was shown four underground water pipes that were now left exposed, much to the horror of some residents there.

The villagers said slope erosion over the years with soil being gradually washed off by water had caused exposure of the pipes.
“As it is now left in the open, the villagers are concerned that the pipes will be exposed to damage and greater wear and tear that may cause it to leak and burst eventually, which will be very dangerous,” said Ean Yong.

“They are also concerned about their homes which are at risk of collapsing since the earth from the slopes is gradually eroding.
“I will ask for a dialogue soon with the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) on this issue.”