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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Press Statement re: DASH


I refer to the news report in the Malaysian Insider yesterday and the Malay Mail ( print version ) today 3rd November about residents raising their objections to the proposed DASH, Damansara Shah Alam Highway.

I fully support residents rights to voice their objections and to raise their concerns. 

However, I would like to stress that in our enthusiasm to raise our objections, we must remain rational and not misstate facts.

I wish to correct a statement made in the Malaysian Insider quoting one Joanne Ting ( as a representative for the Say No to DASH group)  as follows: " since early August they have all been uncontactable in their offices, service centres and contact numbers - calls, email and sms-es to them have all been unanswered. "

I have not received any emails or sms's from Ms Ting or others claiming to represent the DASH group since early August. Every Thursday night  from 8 pm weekly is my service centre night in Kota Damansara where anyone can walk in - my staff and I have not seen seen Ms Ting arrive in the last few weeks.

I have had a meeting with representatives of the group including Owen Chen sometime in June in Parliament House.

I was also asked about developments on DASH at a town hall meeting at the PJ library in June. I said then that nothing was happening yet as the process under the Town and Country Planning for the necessary amendments had not even started. 

Later in August, when the proposed RTPJ 2 amendments were first put on display was when I found out about DASH being included. I was concerned. Even MBPJ councillors were surprised at that development. 

As the MP of the area most affected, my staff and I will be preparing our comments and reservations on the proposal to MBPJ.

I stand by the residents on their objections. I firmly believe that building highways is not the only or ideal solution to traffic problems. If indeed highways need to be built as part of an overall masterplan, it must have minimal impact on residents and residential areas. The allignments must be carefully studied.

I echo the call by residents' spokesperson Mr Owen Chen,  that residents must also take the initiative to submit their objections and comments to MBPJ on the draft RTPJ 2 proposal. 

The public display is to inform residents of the proposals and is not an end nor the final draft. Therefore residents are urged to submit their objections and comments as provided for in the Town and Country Planning Act.

I have also written to the Mayor of MBPJ to consider extending the period for objections for a further month from 5th Sept 2014. I understand that an announcement will be made soon.

Sivarasa Rasiah

Member of Parliament for Subang

3rd September 2014

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