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Monday, March 18, 2013

Statement by Sivarasa: Americk's revelation re: SD2

Yesterday, Malaysia Chronicle, a popular news-website, carried an article by Deepak Jaikishan.  The article stated some very serious allegations against Prime Minister Datuk Seri  Najib Tun Razak.
Deepak alleged in writing that an unnamed person had actually prepared a statutory declaration stating that he had been instructed to kill Altantuya by his immediate superior, and that an immediate superior had taken instructions from Najib.

He also said that the unnamed person changed his mind after seeing private investigator Balasubramaniam's second SD.

Najib & Rosmah "belled"
In so saying, Deepak had finally belled the cat by actually speaking in writing for the first time the whispers that have been circulating in this country from the time of the murder in October 2006 regarding the alleged involvement of Najib and his spouse in the high profile murder of Altantuya.
His statements are sufficient for the relevant agencies, the Attorney-General's office and the police to immediately re-open the murder investigation and record a full statement from him.

No action from them will mean a continuing conspiracy to hide the truth. It is also in the Prime Minister's interest that his name is cleared if Deepak's statements are indeed false.
Secondly, Deepak again reiterates the involvement of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the process of the making of the second SD done by Bala.  He repeats, amongst other things, that he was instructed by her to remove "certain facts and certain spicy details in (sic) the affair between Najib and Altantuya".

The Malaysian public will need to hear from Rosmah what her riposte is to this.

Proceeds from Glomac Tower
Thirdly, Deepak alleges that he made payments to Najib and Rosmah from "the proceeds of Glomac Tower to a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House" and this evidence was recorded by one Dato Jamidan, a senior director with MACC in 2011.

MACC has to explain immediately to the Malaysian public whether this allegation of payment to Najib and Rosmah is true, and if so, was it for any corrupt purpose. We also await the response of the MACC on Deepak' allegations supported with documents that he had made expensive presents in diamonds and jewellery to Rosmah.

A serving Prime Minister going to the public for an electoral mandate to govern cannot be the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand in respect of these very serious issues.  Deepak's statements are specific.  Malaysia needs specific answers.

Silence will be taken to mean that Deepak's allegations are credible and with basis.

PKR not involved in first SD
I take this opportunity to also correct a misstatement in the first paragraph of Deepak's article where he says( perhaps because of incorrect information given to him ) that I and other Pakatan leaders had advised on the content of Bala's first SD.

I repeat what has been said on record by Bala's own lawyer Mr Americk Singh Sidhu. Bala's first SD was prepared by Americk Singh with full detailed instructions from his client.
It would be insulting to Americk as a senior lawyer to suggest that I or any other lawyer or politician for that matter could influence the contents of what I understand to be a document that he had taken careful, conscientious and considerable time and effort to prepare.

I also reiterate that no money was promised or paid to Bala by myself or any other Pakatan leader for the making of Bala's first SD. Americk Singh is also fully aware of that.

Finally, the Malaysian police had in 2009 recorded full statements from myself and Americk Singh and other persons pursuant to allegations that Bala's first SD was made under duress.  No further action was then taken by the police or the Attorney-general in respect of those allegations.

Sivarasa Rasiah
Member of Parliament for Subang
Member, Biro Poliik and Majlis Pimpinan Pusat, Parti Keadilan

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