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Tuesday, June 26, 2012



I note from his article published yesterday in the website Asia Sentinel that John Berthelsen, a well-known regional journalist has received what appear to be leaked documents from the on-going French investigation in Paris into corrupt payments made in connection with the purchase by Malaysia in 2002 of 2 Scorpene submarines.
French counsel for Suaram Joseph Breham announced in Bangkok on 30th May 2012, amongst other revelations, that a top-secret document belonging to the Malaysian Navy relating to the Scorpene purchase had been seized from the Paris office of the French firm supplying the submarine DCNS.  He also  said that  the records also showed that the document came to DCNS from Terasasi Hong Kong a company owned by Razak Baginda and his father. Breham also suggested that money must have been paid to Terasasi by DCNS for that secret document.
Minister for Defence Datuk Zahid Hamidi has denied the transaction and said he will provide a full answer in Parliament today. It appears that he is referring to his answer to the adjournment speech to be made by YB Nurui Izzah at the close of proceedings today.
Upon receiving certain information relating to the documents exposed by John Berthelsen, we have verified that Document 151 in the French investigation file has a comment written by the investigators which in English reads as follows:
“In the file entitled ‘Report of the December 2000 – June 2002 Phase III Part 2’ appeared  the evaluation report of the French offer by the Royal Malaysian Navy dated 17 April 2001 followed by a table comparing the specifications of Scorpene and the wishes of the Malaysian Navy ( page 29 … ) with the technical assessments. The report concluded (page 30 ) that the offer was acceptable but an agreement must be reached on a few details notably the delivery.” Datuk Zahid must therefore explain today instead of just making bare denials the following:
-          How did this top secret document get into the hands of Terasasi and then to DCNS?
-          Who are the persons responsible for selling top secret military documents
-          Is he going to instruct the police to commence investigation and summon Razak Baginda for questioning?

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