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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kampung Sri Indah A

By LIM CHIA YING chiaying@thestar.com.my

A NEW 400m-long drain is being constructed along Jalan 13 of Kampung Sri Indah A, Sungai Buloh, to help resolve flood woes on this street.

Costing RM235,000 to build, the allocation was made by Selangor New Village Development Committee chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah, who chairs this portfolio under the state government.
There was previously no drain on this street. Ean Yong said he hoped the water would be channelled out properly once the drain was ready.

“Work on the construction of the drain started in June and is expected to be completed in August,” said Ean Yong during a visit to check on the progress of the work.

Villagers staying along this row, such as Teo Kim Hua, would shudder every time it poured.

The rain water will wash the mud down from the nearby hill slopes thus inundating Jalan 13 that fronts Teo’s house.
The road, she said, would be flooded by the murky waters which flowed into at least three houses on the street and when the water receded the house compound was filled with a coat of mud.

Thus far, Teo’s house has not been flooded. However, she is fearful that sometime in the near future, her house too would be affected because the murky water had reached the main gate of her house.
“Since June last year, the flash floods have become worse as water would rise to over one feet. The water flows into three of my neighbours’ houses,” said Teo, 60.

Teo, who has stayed in the village for two decades, said the flood problem first started back in 2008, and at that time the villagers had lodged complaints to the MCA bureau.
“One of the developers was instructed to dig the earth to allow better flow of the water, and the situation was fine until June last year,” she said.

Ean Yong said Kampung Sri Indah A is not so much a new village but more of an organised village which was built after the Emergency Ordinance.
“Therefore, the basic infrastructure may not be that good.”

He added that Jalan 13 was also situated on lower ground which probably explained why the area was prone to flooding.

Kampung Sri Indah A Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) chairman Wu Tat Choon thanked Ean Yong for looking into their plight and offering assistance.
He said it was unfortunate that there was no drain along Jalan 13, while many other drains in the village were also clogged up thus impeding the flow of water.

“When the drains are congested, they cannot cope with the earth and sand that are being washed down,” said Wu, 50.

He also complained about the constant burning of waste at one of the factories, polluting the air with a foul odour and endangering the health of the villagers there.
Ean Yong said in new and organised villages, infrastructure like drains were either damaged or missing. He aims to get these amenities replaced or repaired within the next four years.
Ean Yong also made a short stop at a reserve land where TNB high-tension cables ran through the village. He was shown four underground water pipes that were now left exposed, much to the horror of some residents there.

The villagers said slope erosion over the years with soil being gradually washed off by water had caused exposure of the pipes.
“As it is now left in the open, the villagers are concerned that the pipes will be exposed to damage and greater wear and tear that may cause it to leak and burst eventually, which will be very dangerous,” said Ean Yong.

“They are also concerned about their homes which are at risk of collapsing since the earth from the slopes is gradually eroding.
“I will ask for a dialogue soon with the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) on this issue.”

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