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Monday, November 16, 2015

Anwar Ibrahim's Health.



The recent statement by the Health Ministry on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s (DSAI) health issued by an unknown official and reported by Bernama on 6th November 2015 contains some serious misrepresentations which need correction.

The Ministry statement starts by asserting that DSAI’s shoulder injury was sustained prior to his detention.  No one has ever contended otherwise. DSAI did suffer his injury about two years prior to his detention and has been managing it with conservative treatment being physiotherapy, analgesics and supplements.  What we have been saying is that the injury was worsened by the terrible conditions he was made to endure during the first three weeks of this detention and his pain and discomfort is persistent up to date because of denial of recommended regular and intensive physiotherapy.

The Ministry statement then gives the false impression that a panel of doctors had recommended “exercises” which would be taught by a physiotherapist and to be performed daily in prison by the patient followed by a regular review and that this “was a standard therapy”.
The statement then suggests that the doctors had never recommended intensive physiotherapy.  These are shocking, irresponsible and false statements. They are contradicted completely, firstly, by the written reports provided by the panel of doctors who saw DSAI in February and, secondly, by the kind of treatment provided by them to DSAI when he was finally admitted in HKL in June and in July for about 4-5 days each time.

The  report dated 10.7.2015 by Dr Arshad bin Puji ( Sports Physician from HKL ) confirms that prior to detention, DSAI opted for “conservative treatment such as physiotherapy with physical and electrical modalities, and analgesia to control the pain”.  He confirms that whilst being hospitalized ( in June and July ), DSAI underwent “serial physiotherapy sessions consisting of physical modalities, electrical modalities, functional modalities, and taping application”. In simple language, DSAI underwent daily intensive physiotherapy sessions in hospital from which he experienced a favourable outcome. Dr Arshad concluded his report by saying “ At present, conservative management is the most suitable medical management for his right shoulder problems”.

Another comprehensive report  given by Dato Dr Fazir bin Mohamad, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, HKL dated 13th July 2015 was also  written after DSAI’s second hospitalization.
His report starts by saying that he and other doctors examined DSAI in prison on 24th February 2015.  He says that after diagnosing the injury as “Chronic Rotator Cuff Injury”, prescribed treatments were physiotherapy to gain back motion, analgesics, and ointment and plasters.  Regrettably such physiotherapy although prescribed by the doctors was denied to DSAI because of Datuk Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai until he was hospitalized in June.

Dato Dr Fazir then confirms that after DSAI was hospitalized in HKL from 2nd to 5th June, he was “given a daily physiotherapy and he responded positively with the treatement until he was discharged on 5th June 2015”.
Dr Fazir then says after a review on 25th June 2015 in prison, DSAI was hospitalized again in HKL on 7th July “continue his physiotherapy treatment while in the ward”.  DSAI did receive daily intensive physiotherapy again from which he received much benefit.

The dishonesty in the Ministry statement that intensive physiotherapy was not recommended is clear. The orthopedic doctors  have recommended physio from the outset and did in fact provide daily and intensive physio to DSAI during his brief hospitalizations.

We hold Datuk Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai, the head of the panel of doctors managing DSAI’s health, totally responsible for overriding the recommendations of the orthopedic specialists and denying DSAI regular and intensive physiotherapy from March until now.  All that has been done is that a physiotherapist has been sent to Sg Buloh prison 10 times to date to guide DSAI in doing some instructions in exercises for his shoulder as well as ultrasound treatment. This is wholly inadequate compared to the type of physiotherapy provided during his hospitalization which gave DSAI considerable benefit.
Independent orthopedic specialists have also concurred with the HKL doctors and said that “ daily intensive and appropriate physiotherapy will prevent rapid deterioration of the muscles of the torn tendons”.

The issue therefore is NOT about what surgical options are suitable for DSAI as is also falsely claimed in the Ministry statement.

The real issue is why is intensive physiotherapy which was provided during DSAI’s hospitalization as recommended by the orthopedic specialists being denied to him up to now, causing him much pain and discomfort and endangering his long term health.  Such denial constitutes a form of torture contrary to international law and human rights norms.

We demand that DSAI be taken to either hospitalized or be taken to hospital at least three times a week to receive this treatment. This was done during his earlier detention in 1998 to 2004 and there is no excuse for denying it to him now. 

It has also been recently promised in Parliament by Dato Zahid Hamidi in reply to YB Nurul Izzah; regrettably no treatment at all has been provided since that statement by Zahid ten days ago.
We ask the Health Ministry to remain professional and independent on this issue and also to be accountable for the statements that they make by naming the official making the statement in future.
16th November 2015

Sivarasa Rasiah
Member of Parliament for Subang and lawyer for Anwar Ibrahim.


  1. YB R Sivarasa,

    I write to you today asking for your generosity on matters of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement or better known as 'TPPA' or 'TPP'.

    Sir, the TPP is an international document that is a front from mega conglomerates to absolve and dominate medium, small, and incapable startups. Furthermore, it will further make lives for the sick and ailed even more tragic than what they are currently facing. President, Obama, whilst he was in Malaysia specifically stressed that the cost of living and the price of drugs will rise after members accede to the TPP agreement. And in order to allay fears he interjected the rise of cost by saying that "the price of drugs will come down." That's just politics. No such thing as price will come down - once its up the extrapolation is going to rise.

    I, myself, has a few ailments in allergies of sorts, hypertension, blood pressure, and bouts of migraines. I had tried various methodologies to ward off drugs but the doctors warned not to do it. One of the thing, I tried to ward off drugs is to alleviate the costs and secondly the side effects. Now, at the moment, I am treated at the 'klinik kesihatan' because the drugs are free and the clinics dispensed the drugs for the duration after each clinic consultation and that's a lot. But I think this is going to stop once the our Government ascends to the TPP. Because in 5 years time the Government will forego generic drugs in place of drugs that come under the intellectual property rules and regulations. And this means price and terms set out by the parent companies. We are not sure what big pharmaceuticals can be up to. Just a few months back, a CEO by the name of Martin Shkreli raised the price of 'Daraprim' by 5,455% (US$13.50 to US$450.00)! If an CEO like Martin can to these to Americans, what more do they need to do that to us?

    I know you are a very successful lawyer and an ardent supporter of human rights and justice issues. My sincere hope for me to you is that you vote AGAINST TPP as its stealthily belligerent, deceptive, and in the long run will only serve the rich and the fat cats in Washington, New York, Sydney, and Toronto. At the moment we are already burdened by the many raising cost measures and we do not need another headache to burden all our lives.

    Thank you very much YB and peace be with you,

    Dominic W S Chan

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